Covid-19: PPE and Hygiene

Aidan is doing everything he can to ensure yours and his protection during an appointment. His steps taken and safety protocols are as follows:

Testing - Aidan has had two recent tests (8th and 11th of August), both of which were negative. He will be looking to have regular tests going forward, the latest of which will be updated on here:

11th August 2020 - Negative

PPE - A new mask and apron are worn during the appointment. A visor can be requested as well. Aidan asks that the client also wears a mask during the appointment.

Cleanliness - A fresh uniform will be worn as well as showering before each appointment. The treatment room is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant wipes on surfaces as well as disinfectant spray. If traveling for a call out, the car is also wiped and sprayed prior to departure. Aidan asks the client to also shower prior to the appointment and wear fresh clothes when possible.


Temperature checks - Aidan takes his and the client's temperature prior to each appointment with an infrared thermometer. It is advised to take your own temperature prior to arriving as a high temperature recorded at the appointment will cancel the appointment and a cancellation fee may occur. 

Appointment restrictions - The treatment room is currently limited to one person a day to reduce footfall, allow thorough cleaning and time prior to the next appointment. Each day is also limited to one call-out but the same protocols apply to PPE / cleanliness / temperature if there is a call out and a home treatment in one day.

Contamination - You will be asked to place shoes, keys, and wallet or bag into a waterproof box, which is left outside of the treatment room. The box is in full sight, inside the treatment room, at all times. This is to minimise and reduce contamination of the room.

Due diligence - a client will be required to confirm in writing that;

the client does not or has not had symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the appointment and within a 2 week period prior.

the client has not tested positive for COVID-19 within 2 weeks of the appointment.

the client has not had contact with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19 within 2 weeks of the appointment

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