Covid-19: PPE and Hygiene

Aidan is doing everything he can to ensure yours and his protection during an appointment. His steps taken and safety protocols are as follows:

Testing - The NHS is now providing everyone with free lateral flow tests. Aidan will be undertaking bi-weekly lateral flow tests and requires that anyone who would like an appointment with him should do the same, on the day and prior to the appointment. The link is:

Track and Trace - Clients will be asked to sign when they arrive for the Oxford City FC track and trace policy.

PPE - A mask is worn during the appointment. An apron and visor can be requested as well. Aidan asks that the client also wears a mask during the appointment.

Cleanliness - The treatment room is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant wipes on surfaces as well as disinfectant spray. If traveling for a call out, the car is also wiped and sprayed prior to departure. Aidan asks the client to also shower prior to the appointment and wear fresh clothes when possible.